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About Meeko

Thank you for taking the time to read about Meeko! We really appreciate it and hope to find him a good home!
Meiko used to be my sisters dog about a year and a half ago. She got him off craigslist from someone who abused him and so he is very skittsh towards new people but particularly adult men.  We are fostering him now because my sister moved and she cannot have dogs where she lives.  I do not know much about his background since he is, essentially, a rescued dog.
He is very sweet and friendly once he warms up and is extremely friendly with other animals.  We have a kitten who is a year and he loves to play chase with her.  We also have a dog who comes to visit us and he loves playing with him too!  He does not realize his size so he happily sits on your lap.  He has his rabbis shots and is getting his other shots soon (I am going to make an appt on June 25, 2014 when I see the vet).  


If you are interested in adopting Meiko there are a few things that need to be done first:

1) you need to come meet him! I want to make sure he goes to an amazing home because he is an incredible dog (I just do not have the time that he needs in order to keep him).  This is important ESPECIALLY if you are a male.

2) if you have any pets they need to meet him too! I know he will like them but we need to make sure they like him too.

3) Rehoming fee: $75-I was planning on giving him away to a good  home but I was talked out of it because many people have told me bad stories about giving dogs away for free.  We giving the $75 to a charity or shelter for rescue pets.


If you have any more questions please DO NOT hesitate to contact me! I have a very sporadic school and work schedule so if I do not answer please leave me a message. My contact information is below.

I will use this page to add pictures of Meeko and I will try and upload videos as well.

Please Adopt me!
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